Inflatable sailing Ducky catamarans – leisure, sport and travel!

No matter what your priority is: family vacations, fun, sports, your child’s education or an extreme expedition, you will find the best solution among Ducky catamarans! Our diverse product range is designed to best meet your needs.

Mobility of inflatable catamarans

The lightweight folding designs of the Ducky catamarans, including even the largest models, let easily fit them into several small bags! Compact size when packed and light weight determine their main advantage – mobility. This feature opens up new possibilities and solves many problems faced by owners of yachts. Original design solutions allow you quickly assemble and disassemble our boats, without use of spanners or other special tools. Made from modern materials by using modern technology, they are good alternatives to classic sailboats.

Main advantages of inflatable catamarans



You can take your catamaran everywhere.
It can be transported by car, bus, train or plane!

Easy storage

No special storage space required. It can be stored in the garage or in the apartment!


No special trailer is needed for transportation. No need the parking lot in marina. No need to pay the membership fees

Light weight

From 35 kg!

Big carrying capacity

Up to 525 kg and up to 6 people!

Easy and quick assembly

From 20 minutes! Without tools

No license required

In most countries of the world, a license to operate such a catamaran is not required

Easy learning

Even a novice will not have problems with learning


Why Ducky?

  • The most diverse lineup and many choices. Our catamarans are different not only in size, they have a unique design, made for specific tasks. You can choose the model best suitable for you.
  • Narrow specialization. We have been developing and producing only inflatable sailing catamarans. This allows us to achieve maximum focus on the process and gain the best result.
  • Only high-quality materials and execution. We guarantee the quality of our products and provide after-sales service.
  • Fair affordable price. We do not spend a lot of money on advertising, and you do not overpay for a “hyped” brand.
  • 20 years on the market. We have extensive experience in the design, manufacture and operation of our catamarans.
  • Continuous improvement. We keep up to date, do not stop there, develop new models and improve existing ones.


Ducky catamarans are affordable price, European quality and excellent characteristics!